Youth Programs

Onsite Programs

We provide a Drug Education Program which operates from Indi House. This program provides one-on-one support and builds knowledge and skills around how young people can reduce the risks and harm associated with drug use. Promoting physical and mental health initiatives are also key components of the program. {This program is funded by the Department of Child Protection and Family Support.}

Indi House is the home base for the LIFT Program (Living Independently for the First Time). LIFT supports young people who are moving on from formal care. {This program is co-funded by the Office of the Attorney General and Indigo Junction.}

Kathy, a volunteer consultant, assists young people with resume development, interview tips, role plays and coaches them on workplace expectations.

Community Programs

We encourage families to participate in our following community based programs:

Our Work Readiness program encourages good work habits and helps build job skills. {Indigo Junction coordinates this program in Partnership with At Work Australia.}

Lit Up is our own adult literacy program which tailors an individualised plan to help people learn the basics or build on their existing reading skills. {This program is funded by the Department of Education and Indigenous Advancement Strategy.}