Thomas & Evie

Thomas & Evie arrived at Karnany in desperate need of financial support. They had heard through friends about our Emergency Relief (ER) service. The couple had recently experienced car problems and had to pay large amounts of money for urgent repairs.

As the couple were on basic Centrelink payments, this unexpected expense resulted in financial crisis. The couple had no money for food to get through until their next payday. In addition to financial problems, the family was also experiencing high stress levels as a family member had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

On top of this the couple were supporting their two young adult children who were not receiving proper payment from their employer and were not receiving the appropriate Centrelink payments.

The couple reported feeling embarrassed at having to access Emergency Relief. Our Emergency Relief staff member worked in a friendly, welcoming and professional manner to alleviate feelings of embarrassment. After briefly assessing the couple’s financial situation, a food voucher was supplied.

As part of the appointment, our team member described our Financial Education Program. The couple were keen to participate in the program and enrolled. During the program Thomas & Evie developed a comprehensive budget and worked on a spending diary.

Through attending the weekly sessions Thomas & Evie were also provided access to the Dental Rescue Program and other required medical services. The couple were also encouraged to connect with Centrelink to provide support to their children and access payments they were entitled to.

Thomas & Evie dropped back to Karnany a few months later and they happily reported that they were still on track with their budgets and that planning the family shop each week was resulting in great savings!! They strongly encourage other people in similar situation to register for the program.