Paul had not had a stable home for many years. During his childhood, Paul had lived in over 40 family, foster care and hostel placements. He was using drugs and had been in trouble with the law. By 18, Paul was homeless and had nowhere else to go. With his challenging behaviours and with no supportive people in his life, it seemed that Paul was headed for a life on the street or worse.

Luckily, Paul found his way to Indi House. Here he found the safety and support he needed to get his behaviour under control. At Indi House, he built trusting and honest relationships with workers. Through these relationships, his challenging behaviours could be addressed. While in the house, Paul also joined in one-on-one training in cooking, dishes, cleaning and other daily living skills.

After a period of time living at Indi House, Paul was offered a community based single unit. Paul received support and guidance around setting up his new home. He put a budget in place and gathered the furniture and bits and pieces that make up a home. He now has a long term stable home and is connected to required supports.

Paul no longer has to be homeless or in prison – unsafe, vulnerable and isolated. A safe place to belong along with calm, genuine care and guidance and intensive support has resulted in a transformation – Paul has come so far. He is starting to experience a “pay off” – a reward for his improved patience, more controlled behaviour and planning ahead. The reward is a long sought after sense of belonging, connection and safety.