Julia came to our service needing emergency accommodation. She was pregnant and her partner was violent. She needed to leave home for her own and her baby’s safety.

Julia found the support she needed at Indigo Junction’s Family Service.

Julia formed positive relationships with the family workers. She talked about her traumatic experiences of violence and addiction and how they were impacting on her own parenting skills and drug use.  Julia had two other children who lived with other family members.  Her goal was to reunite with her children. Supported by our family service team she joined in parenting education sessions and was linked to the counselling she needed.

By building trust with our workers Julia was able to build trusting relationships with others.  She enjoyed time spent socialising with other mums and joined in cooking classes, playgroups and other activities.  Her confidence and self-esteem grew and her parenting skills improved, allowing her to bond closely with her new baby and her two older children.

A year on, Julia has moved to long term housing with her three children.  Her home provides the stability and safety she needs to take control of her life.  With a home, Julia can create a healing safe space.  She can become the independent and capable role model she wants to be for her children.