Joe and Brick

Joe was sleeping in his car and had been homeless for several years.  His drug use had a negative impact on his family and he had run out of places he could stay. He was referred to Indigo Junction’s NPAH program. By meeting with his NPAH Housing Support Worker on a regular basis, Joe was supported to get in to crisis accommodation in Maylands. With a goal plan in place, Joe addressed his debts, regularly attended counselling sessions and explored his housing options. When the three month limit on crisis accommodation was reached, Joe was supported by his worker to access temporary accommodation in the Midland area which he maintained until an offer of a Housing Authority property was made.

Joe was supported at the signing of his lease agreement, his worker helped him move his belongings and set up his accounts with utility providers and then Centrepay deductions so he didn’t have to worry about bills as they came in. Joe also contacted St Vincent de Paul for assistance with furniture for his new property. Since settling in to his home, Joe has stopped using drugs and has reconnected with his family . Joe recently got a dog, Brick, for company and is enjoying the quiet life, with frequent visits from him family and neighbours.