Something amazing just happened!

Something amazing just happened!

Over the weekend, a hardworking team of volunteers came to Indi Place and transformed the outdoor area, making it a more functional space for the families and children who stay with us.

In just two days, the team worked to remove the old garden beds and paving and replace them with a fab new patio, paving and landscaping. Like a well-oiled machine, volunteers swung into action, knowing just what to do and how to do it!  They also supported young people from Indi House to join in, getting them involved in the paving and painting. The organisation, skills, experience and energy on display were a wonder to behold!  The group took care of every aspect of the project, from planning to sourcing donated materials and even their own catering.  

So who are these generous people, who give up their weekends to help others? They are Building Belonging Inc. – a wonderful group of people who volunteer their skills, time and equipment to support other non-profit groups and organisations to improve or maintain their infrastructure.  Their vision is to create and develop environments that build respect, security, love and belonging.  Here is a link to the Building Belonging website.

We are so grateful for all that Building Belonging has done and know that families and staff will appreciate this beautiful new communal area for years to come.  Thanks!

To see more pictures of the Indi Place transformation check out: before-and-after





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