How we help - overview

Our Philosophy

We work together with people to provide crisis support and, build skills, capacity and independence.

We achieve this by: 

  • Offering safe, secure and affordable housing.
  • Providing crisis accommodation and support when needed.
  • Working in a way that is genuine, authentic and compassionate.
  • Ensuring our service provides respectful and consistent responses that build trust and promote emotional safety.

Indigo Junction has adopted a framework of Trauma Informed Care. Our team are committed to providing a service that is welcoming and appropriate to the needs of people who have experienced trauma.

“Trauma-informed organisations provide for everyone … by having a basic understanding of the psychological, neurological, biological, social and spiritual impact that trauma and violence can have on individuals seeking support. Trauma-informed services recognise that the core of any service is genuine, authentic and compassionate relationships.
(Klinic Community Health Centre, 2013)

As well as our trauma-informed approach, our team members:

  • Use person-centred case management strategies to give clear direction and a future focus to all our work.
  • Focus on independent living skills training.
  • Offer a range of integrated services such as financial literacy and work readiness programs.
  • Support people to access specialist therapeutic service as required.

We welcome feedback, ideas and enquiries from those who access our services and other community members.

“Everyone has a right to a future that is not dictated by the past.”
~ Karen Saakvitne